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PokerStars - KO

PokerStars - KO. Launch

Brief -  create an online film starring Neymar Jr (must feature football) to launch the new PokerStars game Knockout Poker. 

Shoot Day. NJR turned up badly injured from a game the night before, so could not participate as fully as planned - but we all worked around it. Our freestylers and martial arts footballers were incredible. The explosions and orange paint worked a treat. 

3 Million views later, great PR and an accompanying TV & digital campaign - KO was well & truly launched. 

Role: Writer. Lead Creative. Photographer on the KO set. 

(Some of the images below of NJR, have recently been used by Mondelez for an Oreo 'dunking' Campaign) 

Social Media Film

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TV  - Cut from existing NJR Footage